How To Pick The Right Puppy For your Next Hunting Dog

Picking the right puppy to be your next hunting dog can be an exciting time. It’s a time to bring in a new member of the family that will in many ways help bring you joy.  However, bringing a new puppy into your home to be your next hunting dog is also a huge and long-term commitment. Therefore, let’s make sure we pick the right one.

How do you pick the right puppy to be your next hunting dog? It all starts with doing your homework. For some the process is more simple than others because they may already have a long-standing relationship with a good breeder, while others may be looking for the first time. The bottom line is to do your research and choose a pup from a litter that stems from the selective breeding of parents with a proven ability to hunt in a style that fits your needs. It’s important to understand what breed you are choosing so that it fits in well with the family and your method of hunting.  When doing your research ask yourself questions about what type of hunting you do, what size would you like the dog to be, and will it be the kind of dog that lives in the house? There’s an old saying that ‘smart money always picks the litter, not the puppy.’ This means that the majority of the battle when choosing a puppy is done in absence of the actual dog itself. It’s about researching bloodlines, reviewing breeders, watching walking trials and hunting contests, and identifying which breeds have the proven track record of producing the kind of hunting dog you have in mind. Once you are able to answer the questions relatable to your specific needs and have done all of the necessary research, you will be able to successfully choose the right pup to be your next hunting dog.  

After narrowing down the breed of dog you would like, try to spend as much time with the litter as possible. Assess the pups by their current size, attitude, and level of friendliness if you have a family.  You want to make sure that when you take your puppy home, you have brought home a pup that will grow up to be obedient, cooperative, and easy to handle. One common issue when choosing a prospective hunting dog is its reaction to loud noises, such as the ones that resemble a gunshot. When hanging around the litters test the pups by making a loud noise and see which ones run away and which ones react accordingly.  It will help you recognize which specific puppy is more suitable for hunting.

Whether you are seeking pointers, retrievers, flushing dogs, or hounds, be sure to do your research and zero in on the right puppy that will fit your type of hunting. One last point and it should go without saying, make sure the breeder provides some kind of health guarantee for the pup in which both parties have a mutual understanding of the specifics. Even though most breeders will have already begun socializing the dogs, do not forget that proper socialization is crucial for the development of your puppy. With the right socialization and training, your new pup will have no problem reaching its inherited potential. 

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